Mobile marketing, social media, websites and also e-mail marketing are great ways for authors to promote their work. And the very best way is by using the power of video. Most people prefer a video over text or audio when listening to their favorite author, motivational speaker or singer. Videos are a bit more personal and also an excellent visual aid.

Here’s are a few tips on creating your video;

Length of your video

This depends on what you’re selling and who you are selling it to. A common thing that you will hear out there is that the shorter, the better and that online advertising videos should be about 30 seconds in length. And if you are creating a how-to video, break the session into various multiple versions. This will allow viewers to take a break, and they can as well go directly to the part of the video that they need.

Check your audio

Most of the streaming videos include voice-overs. They are instrumental regarding lending a story or narrative to your video. There is nothing worse or boring like looking at a great video and not being able to hear a word.

Get involved in the streaming of your video

This does not mean writing the final copy for it, although, if you have the skill, it will prove beneficial to the final product. But, also you have to make sure, that the aspects of your business that you want to push are understood by the video production company doing your online commercial. If they care about their job, they should be actively consulting you about the directions and approach of your streaming video advertisement; even if you aren’t sure of what to show, just give your viewers your ideas. They will be able to translate some of your ideas into a rhythm and visual flow.

Make it personal

Your video does not have to be a total sales pitch, the copy on your website needs to convey a professional image and display the benefits and features of your products using a specific language. One of the strengths of a video is its ability to build familiarity, identification, and emotion. I suppose that this point can be applied to marketing in general.



I hope that what I have discussed will help you as you embark on the beautiful adventure of producing your streaming video advertisement for your website.

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