If you do not have a YouTube channel yet, then I will help you create one. There are millions of people using YouTube channel. A channel is a word that YouTube uses for an account. So, when you open a YouTube account you now have a YouTube channel. YouTube helps you to publish your videos for the world to see.

Here are a few steps to get you started on your channel:

Register-The very first thing you need to do is to get registered on YouTube. This is very simple, just as opening up a free email account and if you have a Google account already, all you need to do is to link your account to YouTube.

Play with the settings-You can just make lots of configurations with the settings in your YouTube account. You will want to adjust them until your page looks the way you want it to look. Remember your page is your YouTube Channel and it is what people will use to determine whether they subscribe to your videos or not. Do not use colors that are hard to look at and making your channel’s page look all mixed up as this will only deter people from sticking around and seeing what you’ve got

Upload a Video-You are not a producer until when you will have your first video online and ready to be viewed. If you don’t have any video yet, there is nothing drawing people to come and see your channel. Once you have your first video online, then you can start to see how many people are viewing and if they are rating it or not. Remember YouTube provides a lot of analytics and therefore you will have a clear idea of how your video is fairing with the other millions of videos.

Upload another video-People will always visit your channel to check what else you have. If they come to your channel and that you just have only one video, the chances are that they won’t stick around for long.But if they see that you have a decent collection of videos or additional piece of content, they will subscribe to future videos.

Favorite some videos-When you add a video to your favorites, they will automatically show up on your channel pages as your favorite videos. And if you do not have much content, then this is the best way to engage visitors to your channel till you get your content on there.

Make some comments-Also comment on other people’s videos. By commenting on their videos, you increase the chances of someone coming to your channel to see who posted that particular comment.

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