A question clients often ask is which social media platforms they should post their videos on. There’s no simple answer to that. It depends on where a video fits on the buyer’s journey and also the persona’s behavior. The customer journey always begins as soon as a prospect becomes aware of their pain point. The role of your marketing, especially through videos, is to lead the prospect of knowing what you offer to ultimately buying it.

As I take you through the distinct qualities and users of each in this article, you will find that one or two platforms are likely to make more sense for a specific piece of video content than others.

Here are some of the social media websites that you can to post your videos on to get seen;


YouTube is among the most preferred sites to post your videos. In a day people watch one billion hours of YouTube videos. People use YouTube to watch clips of cats climbing up curtains and music videos. But they also search for related educational information. Google owns YouTube, and therefore its videos are given higher ranks than those hosted elsewhere. By using YouTube, you can be able to drive viewer action. Therefore YouTube is the best. You can be able to post your services and product videos, testimonial videos, or culture videos on YouTube and reach a broad audience.


Facebook is a great site. Since you already have a ready-made audience of followers who can share, like or comment on your posts, you can, therefore, post awareness videos. If your followers share, comment or like, it will help it appear in more (and higher up) in people’s timelines very quickly. The social nature of Facebook makes it an excellent forum for engaging directly with the audience.


You can use Instagram to reach a vast audience since it generates more than 4.2 billion likes a day. What’s more, this platform is owned by Facebook, and therefore you can take advantage of the paid advertising data and segmentation options that are available. Instagram also allows videos of up to 60 seconds only. Instagram also has a feature that let you post videos and photos throughout the day that plays like a slideshow.


Just like Facebook, Twitter has also jumped on the video bandwagon with periscope and the ability to host live streaming events and launches directly on the platform. Twitter has reported that video is the most shared type of media on its platform.


I hope this article helps you make a great decision. You can choose to publish your video content on every social channel out there. This will help you get a large audience. Do not just post on one social media. Try to produce a series of videos.

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